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This website is about sharing my artwork and crafts, and providing information to others.

Meg is Melissa Reedy Deputy. Meg’s Arts was once called Deputy Tatters. Now there is more than tatting involved and only one Deputy working on these projects, so Meg’s Arts was born. The website is in the process of evolving into sharing more of the arts and crafts Meg is involved with. The other Deputy who is also a tatter and so much more has moved to work on their own. Storm is a highly talented artist and crafts person.

When I was young, I was blessed because my father was president of a large arts association. I got to take classes for free, so I studied

  • screen-printing
  • woodblock printing
  • drawing
  • watercolors
  • pottery

I inherited photography equipment and was part of a photography club I learned a lot; I learned to develop film and print black and white photos. In high school I was an art major, and worked with

  • photography
  • silk screen printing
  • sculpture
  • and more 

Over the years I self-taught myself how to

  • sew
  • crochet
  • cross stitch
  • work with plastic canvas

For the last 15 years my main focus has been on tatting. If you want information about what that is and photos of some work, go to the tatting page on the menu. I did a little drawing as well, frequently drawing items to add tatting to. I found I was having a lot of fun with drawing and some digital art.

I am a member of the Kernersville Arts and Crafts Guild and volunteer time at their shows as well as participate in them. The Christmas store, which has operated every year for over 30 years, is a big hit in the local community and surrounding areas. It has been focused on in area magazines. We typically see over 25 crafters and sometimes over 35 participating in the store with every imaginable craft. To be a member of the guild you have your work juried by peers to be certain your work fits the standards of the organization. Everything featured in the store is professionally made. Crocheted items, wood working, cross stitch, soaps, ornaments, tatting, art, jewelry, ceramics and too much to list. If you’d like information on that or the other 2 events we sponsor, or you are an artist who would like to learn more, please email me. I don’t spam anyone, ever.


Melissa "Meg" Deputy