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Tatted and beaded bracelets with a variety of colors, sizes, and clasps.




a close up of the bracelets


Magnetic Clasp                               Toggle Clasps                                            Lobster Claw Clasps


Magnetic Clasp, easier to put on, sometimes can be bumped and fall off. I do use the strongest magnets I can find.

Toggle Clasps, harder for some people and easier for others, an individual choice. They seem to be the more popular choice among my customers at shows.

Lobster Claw Clasps, Not my favorite but they are great for ankle bracelets. Some people prefer them.

You have choice of thread color, bead color, clasp style, and length. I specialize in making all things to fit all sizes. Currently in stock I have size 6 1/4 to size 9 1/4. I will make any size.

The cost is $12.00 and shipping and handling is $2.00. If you prefer sterling silver or gold plate, or gold, please let me know so I can get pricing for that.

Please contact me by text, email, or call to discuss available colors and size. I will send you a PayPal invoice to pay for the item(s) after we talk. Items that are currently in stock ship within 2 days. Custom items ship within 7 days as long as I have the supplies in stock, (if you want a thread or bead color not currently in stock, or a different type clasp it will affect how long the item takes to create.) Thank you.


Melissa "Meg" Deputy